Your cannabis startup could bloom or wither. Spain offers the test ground for growth!

This week, Spain is not just a meeting point but the epicenter of cannabis innovation, thanks to two pivotal events: Spannabis and the International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC). These platforms offer an unparalleled opportunity for startups in the “touching the plant” sector to engage directly with their market, validate business models, and prepare for global expansion.

Why Spain?

Spain’s unique cultural and historical openness to cannabis sets the stage for these events. It’s a country where the conversation around cannabis cultivation and use is more progressive, making it the perfect environment for startups to flourish and innovate.

The Opportunity: C-Days, ICBC and Spannabis

ICBC, C-Days and Spannabis together provide a comprehensive landscape for startups to:

  1. Understand Your Customer: Get in-depth insights into customer needs and behaviors in the cannabis market.
  2. Assess Their Problems: Identify the challenges customers face with current cannabis offerings.
  3. Evaluate Current Solutions: Learn about existing products and services, and their limitations.
  4. Pitch Your Solution: Showcase your innovative solution and how it uniquely addresses market needs.
  5. Why Now?: The timing couldn’t be better. With countries like Germany on the horizon of legalization, establishing your foothold now is crucial.
  6. Why You?: Determine why your team is the right fit to tackle the challenges of the cannabis industry.


Spannabis brings together growers, consumers, and cannabis enthusiasts, offering startups a chance to test their products and services directly with their target audience. ICBC, on the other hand, provides a global perspective, connecting you with industry leaders, investors, and policymakers. Together, they offer a full spectrum of insights, from ground-level customer feedback to high-level industry trends and regulations.

The Takeaway

Leveraging Spannabis and ICBC is about more than just attendance; it’s about engaging, learning, and validating your startup’s place in the cannabis industry. With the impending legalization in markets like Germany, now is the time to prepare, pivot, and position your startup for success. These events are your proving ground to ensure your innovation resonates with the market and to network with those who can help scale your vision.


I hope the eather is going to be better than last time!

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