As an innovator, your vision can transform and pave the way to a brighter future. But getting there isn’t easy, and revolutionary ideas should get all the support they need. If you think you will fit in we can't encourage you enough to apply. You will get selected to pitch in front of the public next year!



Joining our B2C Startup.Award in cooperation with CULTIVA enables you to CONNECT with fellow innovators, to COLLABORATE with partners, investors and media and to ACCELERATE your innovation by gaining valuable feedback from the expert jury and get global reach!


Meet fellow innovators and theme-experts and build valuable business connections. The network of partners, jury members and investors is eager to connect and is devoted to promoting world-changing ideas and innovations.


Innovation is a team effort. When fresh ideas join forces with hard-won experience, we believe true game-changers can be born. Tap into each other’s skills, join our live sessions reach out to us to elevate your innovation to the next growth phase.


Accelerating your innovation to its full potential is our priority. Gain valuable insights on your product from the expert jury members in your theme, take the spotlight at our media partners and enjoy the benefits unlocked when winning the Startup.AWARD in cooperation with CULTIVA!

Why joining an award? Simple. You will get global reach of your company and get not just feedback, you will ensure interest in your idea and product!

— Falk Altenhöfer| Cannabis-Startups.com



We select five MAKERS to pitch in front of the jury of investors at the CULTIVA in October 2023. 

Submit before 01.09.2023


The Top 5 innovators will pitch in front of the jury by their recorded pitch. We will let you know a few weeks beforehand! The jury decides then in a 1:1 battle for the better pitch. 


YES, YOU’VE WON! Now what? Together with our partners we will shape and design the winner value package that suits yours needs and aims to help you grow your innovation in front of the customer. You will not just get a free stand next year, also you will recieve PR!

In Vienna


The INNOVATORS who got choosen will recieve free access to the conference and the exibition in Vienna. 



The Top finalists arrived in the ARENA to pitch in front of the most-influencing investors in Austria to get direct and valuable feedback and gather global reach with their team and innovation. The day ends with a defining jury discussion and the announcement of the long-awaited Winners!

Apply in Austria

We want to support founders from Austria as well as from east of Europe to accelerare innvoation.


Who was the winner in Switzerland?

In 2022 we organized the first award for B2B brands in Switzerland at the CB Expo in Zürich.


Join our DEEP-DIVEs

Monthly we host webinars about the latest regulation challenges in the European cannabis industry?


In an age of unprecedented disruption, successful organizations need to continuously re-imagine their fundamental business and technology approaches in a responsible, human-centered way. We believe, innovation is worth nothing if it doesn’t place sustainability, equality and security at the heart of their business. These innovation imperatives are central elements of the judging process.


We believe that accelerating a CULTURE OF EQUALITY – in the workplace and beyond – has never been more critical for driving innovation. Organizations and innovations must make equality, and universal policies, a top priority to ensure people feel empowered to collaborate, innovate and support each other.


We believe that meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs, is the key to building a resilient future for PEOPLE AND PLANET. Organizations and innovations must strive for long-term stability, define ethical standards and operate across a responsible supply chain.


We believe that (cyber)security threats are just as challenging as they are pivotal for successful innovation. Organizations and innovations must reserve norms, rules, institutions and values of society to create a brighter future. We must protect against threats, intended and unintended, to ensure TRUSTWORTHY PHYSICAL AND DIGITAL SECURITY.


Meet our amazing partners who are committed to accelerating breakthrough innovation and helping start-ups scale to deliver maximum impact.


Get in touch now if you’d like to find out more and become our partner.

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