What does Cannabis Startups Jobs do?

CANNABIS STARTUPS Talents serves as a vital connection between aspiring individuals seeking to enter the cannabis industry and startup companies searching for talents. Our TALENTS Job board highlights suitable job advertisements in the sector, providing startups with a platform through various event and content formats to distinguish themselves as appealing employers to their desired demographic. In addition, TALENTS offers unique training modules specifically designed for First-Time professionals in the cannabis industry. This platform is your gateway to a blooming career in the world of cannabis startups.

Job Board

The top job board for the attractive jobs in the cannabis space.

Talent Tour

Meet and connect with potential employers in this digital event.


The perfect match between applicants and cannabis companies.

Positions we always look for

Wiesbaden und Remote

Onlinemarketing (m/w/d)



SEO - Writer (m/w/d)


Köln & Remote

Head of E-Commerce (m/w/d)



Süddeutschland & Remote

(Junior) Marketing Manager:in (m/w/d)



Teamleitung (m/w/d) Design



CRM Campaign Manager* gesucht




Talent Tours

Coming in December

We do a eCommerce Startup!

Coming in January

Pharma-Company with SalesTech

Talent Tour

The "Open House" format for job hunting

This concise virtual event provides aspiring candidates a sneak peek into the operations of potential cannabis employers. Participating cannabis companies provide tangible insights into their daily work culture, directly engaging with their prospective talent pool.


Finding the perfect match for applicants and companies—without a long search

Cannabis-Startups MATCH serves as a dynamic meeting point for budding talents and enterprises in the cannabis industry. To find the ideal pairing, we meticulously search through our comprehensive database for each job opening. Our candidate pool is diverse, with professionals ranging from those with pharmaceutical expertise to those specializing in marketing and sales. The database includes roles in account management, sales, and business development, catering to all career levels, from young professionals to senior-level executives.

Questions? Please reach out to us directly.

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