Spain’s New Dawn in Medical Cannabis: Health Minister’s Commitment Revitalizes Long-Stalled Legalization Efforts Spain

After a prolonged period of political stasis, Spain’s newly formed government has taken significant strides in addressing the long-standing impasse in the country’s medical cannabis policy. The appointment of Mónica García Gómez as the new Minister of Health has reignited hopes and instilled a renewed sense of optimism among advocates and industry stakeholders.

A Decade-Long Journey Towards Legalization

The movement for medical cannabis in Spain has been a decade-long endeavor, led by dedicated individuals and organizations such as the Spanish Observatory of Medicinal Cannabis (OECM). Carola Pérez, President of the OECM, said on LinkedIn, expressed her cautious yet hopeful sentiments. “After 10 years working on this, the day that I see the document signed is the day I will celebrate. But today is also a day of celebration because we have someone who really cares about patients, she’s also a specialist in pain,” said Pérez.

A Minister with a Mission

Mónica García Gómez, a qualified anesthesiologist and a member of the left-wing, pro-cannabis Sumar party, brings a unique blend of healthcare expertise and political acumen to the table. Since her appointment, García has prioritized the medical cannabis issue, promising to expedite the process which had been indefinitely delayed by the previous administration.

García’s commitment to reviving the medical cannabis framework and her intention to collaborate closely with organizations like OECM marks a significant departure from the earlier government’s approach. “We are really happy because [the government] has said that they are going to consult with us in order to make things as good as possible. This is the first time we have heard this from the Spanish government,” Pérez added.

Industry Response

The shift in policy has also been welcomed by industry leaders. Don Bellamy, CEO of Spanish medical cannabis firm Linneo Health, noted, “We are very encouraged that Spain’s newly appointed Minister of Health, Mónica García Gómez, has communicated the ministry’s intention to recover previously halted work… This is important news and will likely be a relief for Spanish patients.”

The Road Ahead

While a concrete timeline for the upcoming consultations and legislative actions remains unconfirmed, stakeholders on both sides suggest that these will take place over the coming weeks. The optimism is cautious yet palpable, as Spain edges closer to establishing a legal framework for medical cannabis – a move that could significantly impact patient care and open up new market opportunities.


Spain’s journey towards legalizing medical cannabis has been fraught with political hurdles and delays. However, the recent developments indicate a positive shift, bringing hope to patients, advocates, and industry professionals. As Spain prepares to navigate this new chapter in its medical cannabis policy, the eyes of the world, especially those looking for opportunities in emerging markets, are closely watching.

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