ICBC Slovenia 2023 – Science and Technology

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Cannabis Legalization: Harnessing the Power of Science and Technology for Safe Usage in Health and Society

In the recent waves of global discussions, the push towards cannabis legalization has been palpable. Following Health Minister Lauterbach’s draft approval, a new horizon has dawned on the cannabis industry. But as we stand at this crossroads, the responsibility that accompanies this decision is massive. To successfully tread this path, we’ll rely heavily on two primary pillars: Science and Technology.

A Warm Welcome by Dr. Metka Paragi
In a momentous occasion for the cannabis community, leading international microbiologist Dr. Metka Paragi is set to welcome attendees of the first-ever International Cannabis Business Conference held in Slovenia. With a wealth of experience and knowledge, Dr. Paragi currently wears the prestigious hat of the Secretary for Health in the Cabinet of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia.

Her speech promises to be enlightening as she provides a brief overview of the current cannabis usage rates in Slovenia. With many looking at the country as a beacon for policy modernization, Dr. Paragi will discuss the level of regional support for these changes. Moreover, attendees can anticipate valuable insights as Dr. Paragi updates us on the present state of cannabis policy and research in Slovenia. This will be a pivotal moment, setting the stage for the discussions and sessions to follow.

The Need for Science

1. Understanding the Plant:
Through scientific research, we can gain insights into cannabis’s properties, its long-term impacts, and identify its potential benefits and risks.
2. Dosage and Administration:
Accurate dosages are vital. Science can guide us to determine the right amounts and forms of cannabis consumption, optimizing its medicinal benefits.
3. Societal Impacts:
Science provides the data and insights required to understand the societal consequences of cannabis legalization, guiding policy-making.

Embracing Technology

1. Tracking and Regulation:
Technology, such as blockchain, can assist in tracking the sale and distribution of cannabis, ensuring compliance with regulations.

2. Advanced Research Tools:
Modern technology-powered lab equipment can delve deep into the cannabis genome, which is essential for understanding its interactions in the human body.

3. Digital Education Platforms:
With legalization, technology can help in disseminating accurate information about cannabis through digital platforms, ensuring well-informed public usage.

The Road Ahead: A Combined Approach
As we delve deeper into the world of cannabis, the combined force of science and technology will be our guiding light. Their collaborative effort will ensure society reaps cannabis’s potential benefits while safeguarding against possible pitfalls.

The ICBC Slovenia for Science and Technology Conference serves as a beacon for this integrated approach. By facilitating dialogues among experts like Dr. Metka Paragi and other stakeholders, we can draft a roadmap that places cannabis as a positive force in health and society.

As we embark on this transformative journey, your voice and support are invaluable. Join us at the ICBC Slovenia for Science and Technology Conference. Engage in critical discussions, collaborate on innovative solutions, and become a part of a community driving responsible cannabis reform. Your insights, experiences, and passion can make a difference. Let’s come together and shape the future of cannabis in health and society. Register now and be a change-maker!

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