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DEEP-DIVEs with Peter Homberg

Delve into the fascinating world of the emerging cannabis industry and stay informed on the latest regulations with Peter Homberg’s captivating DEEP-DIVEs. Join him on an insightful journey where he sheds light on the evolving legal landscape surrounding cannabis.

German Cannabis Legalization: New Timeframe & Reasons

As Germany navigates its path toward legalization, understanding the complexities and influences shaping this journey is crucial for stakeholders, investors, and enthusiasts alike.

Current Developments in the German Legalization Process

The legalization process of recreational cannabis is getting more concrete in Germany: first statements by the Bundesrat (Federal Council), Bundesregierung (Federal government) and the Bundestag (Parliament) have been made. 

Current Developments in Cannabis Legislation across Europe

Cannabis legislation is evolving rapidly across the European landscape. Learn about the most critical and current legislative changes affecting both the medical and recreational cannabis sectors all across Europe.

Implications of the Drug Supply Shortage Control and Supply Improvement Act

Amidst the ripples of the Covid-19 pandemic, Germany grapples with supply shortages in its pharmaceutical market. However, a recent law promises to turn the tide! 

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Get ready for a thrilling Deep-Dive Special Edition, coming to you straight from the heart of ICBC – Europe’s grandest B2B cannabis conference of the year!

Legalization in Germany – The Leaked Draft Law

Explore the exclusive insights from the leaked referent draft, unveiled by LTO, and discover the intricate details of this groundbreaking proposal. Gain a comprehensive understanding of what lies ahead in the realm of recreational legalization.

Legalization in Germany - The New Key Points Paper

The German government has recently presented a new key points paper on the legalization of recreational cannabis after confidential talks with the EU Commission. What do these points entail? When and how will recreational cannabis be legalized in Germany?

Federal Joint Committee- Changes in the Prescription of Cannabis?

After a controversial proposal, the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA) recently voted to regulate the future prescription practice of medical cannabis in Germany. How did the decision turn out? Will anything change in the future?

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Legalization of Recreational Cannabis in Germany – Plan B?

Germany is currently in the process of legalizing cannabis for recreational use. However, this objective could possibly be hindered by European and international law. What could be the alternative scenarios if complete legalization would not be possible?

Cannabis 2023 - What developments can be expected?

2023 has begun, a year that could be decisive for the German cannabis industry. Which developments in recreational and medical cannabis law are currently taking place? How far along is the legalization project? What future developments can be expected in 2023?

Recreational in Germany – What changes for medical cannabis?

Cannabis legalization for recreational purposes has become more concrete with the Key Proposals Paper adopted by the federal government. But what would be the consequences of the legalization of medical cannabis?

Marketability of CBD products in Germany and the European Union

CBD has recently become a trendy substance. But: How should it actually be classified legally? And can it be used and sold legally in all product categories?

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Implementation of Recreational Cannabis: Possible Solutions

Which legal hurdles must the implementation of legalization of cannabis for consumption purposes in Germany overcome? And what could be possible solutions?

The final report on the accompanying survey of the BfArM

What are the conclusions of the final report on the accompanying survey on the use of cannabis medicinal products by the German BfArM? And what consequences does it have for medicinal cannabis in Germany?

Online Trade of Cannabis - The Channel of the Future?

Under what conditions are the online trade of pharmaceuticals and narcotics possible? And would this also be applicable to cannabis?

Legalization in Germany – What could be the fiscal impact?

On the occasion of the planned legalization of recreational cannabis in Germany: What consequences might this have on taxes? And in what numerical dimensions could this be?

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Discount agreements of the German health insurances for cannabis

On the occasion of the recent first discount contracts for the prescription of medical cannabis: What is behind the system of discount agreements between German statutory health insurance funds and pharmaceutical manufacturers? And what consequences does it have?

Medical Cannabis prescriptions– the German reimbursement regime

Under what conditions does a German health insurance reimburse the costs of medicinal products containing cannabis? And what is required of patients and prescribing doctors in the process?

Possible Candidates for Legalization in the EU

What could European countries do to legalize cannabis and what will European countries do next in this respect? When and under which conditions will it happen?
What kind of influences will this have on international law? Stay tuned to find out.

Three Conventions – One Challenge!

The German government has targeted the legalization of recreational cannabis. Internationally, the trend is evident. But how can we overcome the many obstacles of international law?

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May 27, 2021

The future of cannabis exporters in Europe

Together with Peter Homberg, we will talk about the latest decision at the Federal Court for CBD flowers last Wednesday (24.03.2021). Where and what CBD brands can now sell and how they can innovate now in the market.

April 29, 2021

The future of cannabis exporters in Europe

What’s the future of cannabis exporters in Europe? We will talk about the export requirements of cannabis products to Germany and the EU as well as new export countries.

April 1, 2021

REGULATION UPDATE: Selling CBD flowers in Germany

Together with Peter Homberg, we will talk about the latest decision at the Federal Court for CBD flowers last Wednesday (24.03.2021). Where and what CBD brands can now sell and how they can innovate now in the market.

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