Angel Round

A community and masterclass for
exceptional emerging cannabis angels.

Who We Are

Cannabis-Startups Angel Round is a community of established operators and founders looking to develop their business and find market access. The community spans from Tel-Aviv to Dublin, bringing angels from some of tech’s and cannabis leading companies as well as old-fashioned pharmacists into conversation with the founder community.

Joining Angel Round

Immerse in the Cannabis-Startups Angel Round, where your capital isn’t merely an investment but a catalyst sparking the next echelon of green enterprise! Our network is a thriving ecosystem stretching from Berlin to Freiburg, fostering not just startups, but shaping the very future of the cannabis industry.

As a Business Angel, you’re not simply funding – you’re seeding futures, mentoring fledgling ventures, and etching your mark into the annals of cannabis progression. Here, your wisdom, expertise, and capital blend to nurture startups from sprouts to titans.

“Angels gives us the chance to bring our research in the market! Together with and the help of bio-pro we can unite german pharma companies to start their business development in the earliest stage to test hypothesis and to accelerate their innovation.”

Prof. Dr. Simone Graeff-Hönninger
Cannabis-Net for Germany and Canada at the University Hohenheim in Stuttgart, Germany

Mentor Simone Graef Cannabis Startups


Over a long weekend, the most experienced and successful angel and venture investors from the tech and pharma world will help cohort members and each other to:

1. Who should apply?

Anyone interested in getting started or improving as an angel investor in cannabis startups should apply. You might have started a company, worked at a fast-growing startup or somewhere larger. You should be excited about backing the next wave of tech- and pharma-entrepreneurs. Maybe you even have a lot of experience in building and make things happend – Please apply!

2. Do I need to be an accredited investor to apply?

No. While investing in startups requires you be accredited, you don’t need to be an accredited investor to take part in this program.

3. Do I need to have made angel investments before?

No. We’re expecting several participants will be completely new to angel investing. Some of them have also been active in other fields and some of them bring experience in health-tech!

4. Where are the sessions held?

All the sessions were scheduled online during a your schedule!

5. Can I apply as an Investor?

We encourage you to apply to the city in which you spend no time as it will offer you the most value in meeting others and learning from those around you. We will only review one application per person.

6. When are the in-person sessions?

Right now, we dont know when we have sessions, so we meet in person and held online meetups for investors to keep everybody posted of new deals.

7. Do receive any investment capital as part of being in the program?

No. This program is focused entirely on education and community. 

9. When do applications close?

Applications for the winter session are closed. We start our spring 2024 session now!

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