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Welcome to the second edition of Cannabis Startups Survey. What started in small last year should give all of us now an overview about the status quo.

Since we interviewed the first German startups in the cannabis sector on a small scale last year, it is now time to go beyond the borders and learn even more about us cannabis MAKERS in times of CORONA – from the ebb and flow of market trends to important and evolving conversations on topics like diversity and integration, sexual harassment, corporate culture and the role of technology in society.

To take all these changes into account, we would like to extend the scope of our survey not only to founders but also to employees. Where do the perspectives of founders and employees diverge and coincide? Where are managers making progress – and where are founders lagging behind? With this survey, which we would like to make available to everyone, we would like to provide detailed insight into the challenges of running a start-up company, as well as new perspectives on the truth behind glassdoor reviews, compensation packages, distance working and more.

We hope that this mix of basic questions, new inquiries and additional perspectives will provide an even sharper understanding of what business founders think, feel, fear and appreciate as we move into 2022.

What is going to happen 2022?

How many MAKERS feel the bubble, it already got a crack this year, does it get worst – or are we just getting back to normal?

What does Makers anticipate for this year in fundraising?

How MAKERS do feel about the access to capital. Are there more optimistic about this year … revnues and projections to hit the sales goals?

Gender bias?

How is the industry structured? How does female MAKERS and employees see the equality or not?

What do you think about diversity?

How does MAKERS and employees see diversity? Which impact it has in their daily work lifes?


…nobody knows what happens in terms of regulation and economy. How does MAKERS motivate their employees?

Working from where?

How teams work from home or not and why. How does they feel?

State of Health.

This question is just not important in times of CORONA but is going to have a bigger impact in the future!

Which pressures feel the CEO?

What CEOs and employes think about at night – how do they see the future?

What do we learn from CORONA?

Does culture of te comany as well as the whole society is changeing?
The Cannabis Industry Survey
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