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We support Israeli Cannabis Companies selling their Innovation as an asset to german companies or support with german distributors entering the german market.
We support you finding the right partner to sell your product in Germany

Unsere israelischen Partnernetzwerke

The biggest market

Germany is going to be in the top 3 biggest markets in medical cannabis and is strategically an important country to conquer because of its history in Pharma and the safeness in terms of regulated decision as well as the forerunner in the regulation matter.


Each member in our “Club” has a profile and can share his current challenge with other members in our “Speak Tachles”, as does our member Cann10, who is currently looking for a distributor in the pharmaceutical environment in Germany (HERE).


Admission to our network event

We have now visited some events in Germany and learned a lot. What we will value.

“In the last half year I lived in Israel and supported iCAN in their incubator for MedTech and Pharma and got to know many entrepreneurs, scientists and “stoner”. R&D is financially supported by the Ministry of Health, which is certainly why more than 25 cannabis companies have moved their R&D department to Israel. I want to strengthen German companies with innovation to use more about the plant”.

Our international partner networks

Our association

Together with our network partners, we will organize more than ten events this year, speak at numerous events and stand for entrepreneurs, investors and scientists from Israel and the German-speaking area.


events in 2019

> 20


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